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    Shaping !!!



      Shaping !!!


      hello, how are you! I'm fine! I am creating my "crm"!

      I have a need for some time to resolve but to no avail.
      In Tables I a record called (general notes). in this record various information by entering the date, the nom of who writes and the note itself.
      every time I write to give information, this is placed on top of all. this to ensure that always the last to appear.
      between one or the other there are various "spaces", the head line etc ...

      I wish I could bring the contents of this record in a mail removing all these spaces shaping the present. this to ensure that the text is concentrated in a smaller space.

      I do not know if I could explain it, anyway thanks


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          Are you entering the date, name and note text into separate fields of the same notes record or is all this entered into the same text field? If you are using separate fields, you can set up a send mail action that uses a calculation to assemble your email message by combining these fields in a calculated expression such as:

          Table::NameField &  "  " & Table::DateField & "¶¶" & Table::NoteTextField

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            Thank you! but...

            perhaps I have not explained very well. in the record "general notes" I write the date and following my note. then the other notes related to this next record will be added in the same field.

            notes 02 .......

            notes 01 ......)

            thank you !


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              I don't think that's a good way to do this. You should put your notes in separate related records with the name, date and "note text" in separate fields. The resulting notes can be displayed in a portal for editing purposes.

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                thank you for your prompt reply!!

                you are right!

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                  take this opportunity to ask something else.
                  I create a new table and put in the report. in this I put the "general notes" with the date and the various information.

                  question: the line of the portal "General notes" containing all the information you will need to adjust in height.
                  Let me explain. if I write a note of 10 lines as I do all appear on the portal?

                  I hope I explained.

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                    It depends on how you design your portal. If you size the row to be 10 lines of text high, you will see all 10 rows. Usually, you compromise by making the field in the row several rows of text tall and then add a scroll bar to the field so that you can click into the field to scroll it and read the entire note if needed.

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                      Surely this is clear to me, but I'm talking of a single line of the portal.
                      to ensure that this increases if the text is larger than the space of a line.

                      thank you!

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                        A portal row need not be a single line of text high. You can resize the portal row and fields it contains to be whatever height you choose.

                        If you include all the text in a single field, you'll have much the same issue, (won't be able to see all the text in the field at once).

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                          Here's a file that demonstrates what I am talking about: 


                          (Click the blue download button.)

                          Note the portal that lists the revision history on the Main layout. Each revision note is several lines of text high with a scroll bar on each field so you can read the entire note even if the text requires more lines. Note the date and revision number are maintained in separate fields which makes it easier to manage and edit the revision notes.

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                            ok, I thought I could vary the size of the lines of the portal automatically! accept a fixed size.

                            thanks for your support! thanks
                            is not easy sometimes!

                            I bought the plug-in to manipulate the Mac address book and import it into FileMaker.
                            certainly beautiful, the problem is that requires a very thorough knowledge of file maker! boh! somehow try to do!


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                              If you need to print the contents of your portal, you can use a layout based on the portal's table, make the notes field many lines tall and use sliding to adjust the amount of space required for each note. The result is only visible in preview mode or when you print or PDF the layout--so it's not a useful option for editing.

                              For an email, this is all a non-issue as you can construct a calculation that pulls all your fields together in a single block of text in the body of your email. You can even pull multiple notes into one email with creative use of the List function.