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Share Database within a Network

Question asked by MoOsman on Aug 2, 2012
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Share Database within a Network


Hello experts!

I have succesfully created two FM 12 databases that I would like to share within our office network. We currently have a secured Sharder server that we use, but if I simply drop the database files into that folder, only one person at a time can access them.

So, I would like to create a "Remote Open" option that will help me share the files with 5 computers connected to the same network while allowing multiple access to the files at the same time. I tried some online suggestions, but they seem to require the file to be open on a "Host" computer at all time in order for the others to access it. Is there a way to not require that? Also, web-publishing is not an option, the information is extreamly confidential and we just dont trust having it out there on the web or anything simmilar. 


Please help (^^,)