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      How do i share a file so all employees can access. But updates on single database? Besides using fileserver. I need a temp solution until i get server fixed. I tried using web publisher but it screws up all the graphics.

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          Use filemaker pro on the server computer to open and host the file first, then your users, up to 9 total, can access the database over the network via Open Remote in the filemenu. If this is a new file, you'll need to set up up for sharing and enable sharing on the filemaker pro installation that hosts the file. If you've already been sharing the file via filemaker server, then it's already set up for sharing and you just need to enable sharing for filemaker pro.

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            Got it so the host file sits on my pc. Do they need to have it on their desktop or how is it accessed. I greatly apreciate your help. Seems as though ur an expert. Is this filemaker program as good as sql?

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              If you are not using web publishing, then they each need their own copy of filemaker pro to access the shared file.

              The steps are:

              1. Open the file with filemaker on your computer
              2. Each guest launches filemaker pro
              3. Each guest uses open remote to find your computer and open the shared file.
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                Do they have to be on the same network? Or can they access this from anywere. Which is what im trying to do here. Thanks a bunch man.

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                  If they are outside your network, things get a bit more complicated. Your users would connect to your internet router which must be configured with port forwarding to forward the connection to your computer. This will take some research on your part to understand your router and you may want to get your service provider to issue a static IP address.

                  I've seen others recommend a website called portforwarding.com if I remember the posts accurately.

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                    Does that apply for filemaker server? Does it require all that leg work? Or is that meant for it?

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                      It's the same issue with server. In fact, it's more of an issue with your network and internet router than with the filemaker software.

                      It's just that with server, you get other benefits such as support for more users and the ability to schedule backups and other tasks.

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                        Could be isp? im not using a router straight connection. PC firewall is off completly.

                        If they have a copy of the database on their desktop their a way that when they come in they sync with the original?

                        Just seems to be no way around this it seems. The whole point of this was because my techs cant come in often.

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                          IF there's no router, they would connect directly to your computer's IP address and there would be no port forwarding. I find it hard to believe though that there isn't some kind of device that stands between your computer and the rest of the internet.

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                            Theirs a router but it cant be accessed. Theirs no settings to change or anything like that. Its through speakeasy.

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                              Then you are using a router, you just can't set up port forwarding. Sounds like you need upgrade to a better router.

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                                Guess i will call my isp. Not sure of this can be changed out. Its not a modem u can get at a store.