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Share file without using FM Server

Question asked by JCrawford on Apr 24, 2011
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Share file without using FM Server


For the last few years, I've developed in an environment with FM Server. Now I am developing for a new client (as a contractor) who is just starting to use FileMaker, and is not ready to invest in the Server Software.

My client would like to deploy a FileMaker file in a shared folder, accessed by just four simultaneous users.

About 10 years ago (before FM6), I configured a network like this. One computer was the host. It had filemaker installed, and FM was always running. I don't recall the file sharing settings. The other computers in the office also had FM installed, and they were cabled to the host computer. When we opened FileMaker as clients, we navigated to host computer, and multiple clients could simultaneously access the same file. The host computer worked like a server.

My new client has a shared folder on a host computer, but the host computer does NOT have FileMaker installed. The clients (who had FM istalled) tried to log on simultaneously without success. We tried various settings. Only one person could open the file at a time. If another person tried to open, the action was "denied."

Unfortunately, I cannot easily test the various settings to find the right settings (if it is possible at all). This is a busy medical office where I am not allowed to log in my own laptop. When I tinker, I must take over two people's computers to test the settings. I'd rather know what I'm doing first than spend a lot of time guessing at it while people wait to get their computers back.

First, is it still possible to share or serve files without FileMaker server software?

Second, if it is possible, can you specify the settings for the file, and whether or not the host computer must have FileMaker installed (I assume so).

Without a good opportunty to test it, my guess is

Host computer must have FM installed and FM must be running at all times
File must have active users (at least ADMIN)
File user must be set for "Access via FileMaker Network"
Host computer must have FM sharing turned on (not sure about this one).

With much gratitude.