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      Share FileMaker


      Hi there,

      I'm pretty new to FileMaker I managed to have my databases set-up quite well but now I want to share them. I don't know if it is possible and what to search for on this forum to find out. That's why I posted this question here.

      I have three fm files that have to be accesible by about 4 people at our studio but also at home. So I think they should be available via the internet. Can this be done and how. I'm working on an apple osx. and we have a timecapsule, ftp server or iDisk which we can use but couldn't find out how.

      Let me know if you have an answer or know a link to the answer???
      Thanks in advance,

      Joost van der Steen

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          Okay, thanks! I read some things from this file before and the thing I can't believe is the part where they say that to share files it the file has to be open and running on a computer with filemaker. Is this really the only option? And why is this?

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            FileMaker files are not shared by the OS, they are "hosted" by FileMaker itself. Instant Web Publishing has an engine which uses Javascript (or similar, don't really know), to rewrite the output so that it can be seen by a web browser. But the data is still coming from FileMaker.

            It is possible to access the files via OS file sharing, like any other file. It is also likely that you will corrupt the files if you do so. Best practice is to turn off OS File Sharing entirely on the FileMaker host machine; or at the very least protect the FileMaker files from OS sharing. The phrase "share files", when talking about FileMaker, can only be used in the most general sense.

            FileMaker technology is not so much "sharing" as "hosting", ie., server-client, with either FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server as the host; the client can be either FileMaker Pro or a web browser. 

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              Steve Wright

              I take it that by sharing you mean :

              When Mr A. in the studio enters data, this new data is visible by Mr B in the studio and also Mr C at home and vice versa ?
              All 4 can add / edit the data which is stored on the 'host system'

              If so, then yes, it needs to open and as Fenton stated, one system becomes the Host of this database, all others become clients.

              If the data is only updated (and not very regularly) by one person on one machine, then you can save / send copies of the fp7 files as and when required to the others for viewing purposes, but I doubt this is what you mean.

              These files will of course need to be opened in FileMaker, or initially packaged into a runtime (using FMP Advanced)