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Shared DB's not available on all Clients in Windows-domain

Question asked by disabled_menno on Sep 13, 2010
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Shared DB's not available on all Clients in Windows-domain


My customer has a Windows Server 2008 R2 with SBS and runs Active-Directory, Exchange and FM-server 10v2 on that server. I know that for FM-server it is recommended to run on a dedicated machine and also pointed this out to my customer, but I am just a supplier and do not get to decide.

The FM-server is configured to authenticate only via Filemaker-Accounts so all databases shared bij the FM-server should be able to be opened from any workstation running an FM-client (9v3 and 11v2 in this particular case). Also SSL is disabled, so the time-settings-issue doesn't apply here either.

However from only one workstation in the customer's network the databases are shown in the "open remote"-dialog and all the other workstation, including the server itself not. I myself am using a VPN to log into my customer's network and I also can see and open the databases.

We have switched off the firewalls on the server and on the clients, but still nothing changes. Has anyone experienced the same problem and any ideas for us?

Thank you for any input in advance,

regards, Menno


I allready found the articles about FM and networking:

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but none of these helped us towards resolving the issue