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Shared FMP - Online

Question asked by MarcMallacLagesse on Jun 26, 2012
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Shared FMP - Online



I have a question that I hope someone can help me with. I have read the forums and found some solutions, but not quiet the one I need.

I have a FMP database on my laptop. It is a contact list of about 15 000 records. 

I live in France. I need to provide access to a friend who lives is Spain. He has his own copy of FMP. Yes we can email the file to each other if edited.  Not ideal.

We could use Dropbox or Google drive, but that not ideal either as we need to download and then upload the file each time.

We can use the FMP web share feature but neither laptop is on all the time and I'm not to sure how to do that. (fixed IP address etc)

What I'm looking for is a methed to store the file in the Cloud so either of us an access the latest version, even if one of us is offline.

I have created a script to mail the other user if the files is it's in use, so I'm not looking for simaltaneous editing, but rather an online storage solution that does not require the file to be downloaded and uploaded each time.

Any bright ideas would be appreciated.