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Shared Login Accounts

Question asked by schmity on Jul 11, 2014
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Shared Login Accounts


     Are there any problems that would arise from multiple users sharing a login account?  We have a database that employees can submit vacation requests through, and rather than creating 150 accounts (and spending all day resetting forgotten passwords) all the employees use the same account to submit these requests.  This is all done via Web Direct.

     Its a fairly simple database.  There is a New Request Button that is scripted to go to a layout and create a new record.  This layout is a form with a few fields (name, department, employee number, dates, etc.).  When they are done, they use the submit button that is scripted to do some custom validation, send an email and commit the record.

     Occasionally, users report that when they click the New Request button, instead of seeing a blank form (record), they see another users form already filled out.  I have never been able to duplicate it, but someone mentioned that it happened yesterday.  After speaking with them, User 1 was filling out a request (but still in the record), and user 2 hit new request and saw user 1's request filled out (instead of a blank record).  I tried to duplicate the same conditions several times today and never saw this happen.

     Is this caused by the same account being logged in to the server more than once? If so, is there anyway to prevent this or does everyone need their own account?