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Sharing a Database Over the Web (FM 9 vs FM 10)

Question asked by joeworkman on Jan 24, 2009
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Sharing a Database Over the Web (FM 9 vs FM 10)


I recently started a new business with a friend of mine. We actually decided to give Bento v2.0 a shot because of ease of use and cost. We are currently syncing Bento databases via Dropbox ( I know that this is not a supported feature but I thought that it may work well. Sadly, I am not sure that it will. We have to ensure that we never have the database open at the same time. That is hard to do since we are constantly away from each other. I have already experienced data and work disappearing because we had the database open simultaneously.


The database that we have is basically a CRM type database to help us manage prospects, contacts, and current projects.


Enter Filemaker Pro . . . 


I already own Filemaker Pro 9.0v3. I was wondering if I can accomplish what I want without upgrading to FM 10. I would like to be able to have a centrally shared database that we can both access and modify. Here are a few questions that I have. 


Do I have to get a service to host my database or can I use any service (Dropbox or MobileMe)? 


I would love the ability to access the data while not on the internet. Is that possible? maybe read-only at least?


Again, can I accomplish this with FM 9 or do I have to upgrade?


Lastly, is there a huge difference in the usability of FM 10? Has it inherited some of the ease of use features of Bento?