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Sharing a database with and w/out internet

Question asked by ChristianJohnson on Jan 3, 2013
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Sharing a database with and w/out internet


     Hello all,

     I have been working on an artist's FMP 11 database. There are three users-- the artist and his two assitants. The artist is a read-only user at his home. At the office/studio is one assistant updating information to the database.  The other assistant needs to go do inventory checks at remote storage facilities that do not have internet. Both assitants update data and work "under the hood" modifying the architecture of the database and need full access privileges. I am including a diagram for clarity's sake.  

     The current heavy-handed solution is to keep the database at the studio.  The other roving assistant takes the database to the storage facility preventing the other assistant from working on it while the database is away.  The artist is given an updated copy of the database when the assistants come to the residence.  

     Is there a way for everyone to access the database and for the roving assistant to add to the database while going in and out of internet service?

     Thanks for any advice.