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    Sharing a db over the network, possible conflicts?



      Sharing a db over the network, possible conflicts?


           Here's my shared fm db scenario. I am running an iwp set up with filemaker pro on a windows server, serving up to 5 users concurrently via the browser environment. 

      I've also got a local copy of fm, which I plan to use to modify the db that is hosted on the company network. Nothing saved locally that is.

      Will I run into trouble with this set up? Does fm realise it's opening a shared db and if not, how do I notify it?



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               If you use open remote to access the database, you should gain access to your database and the fact that you have opened the database as a FileMaker client won't keep your "up to 5 IWP users" from accessing the database at the same time.

               BUT making design changes to a hosted database while it is in use is very risky. Simply opening Manage | Database and examining a field's auto-Enter calculation locks all other users out of modifying any record in the entire table. If a script is run by another user that attempts to modify records in that same table, the results could be catastrophic.

               Any network glitches while committing a design change can damage your file.

               And any sudden change in database function brought about your your changes--possibly in the middle of a user's interactions with the database could "catch them between stools" leading to any number of problems.

               Small adjustments to layouts and scripts are not as dangerous--I often make those adjustments myself, but there is still a risk of trouble.