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Sharing data between databases

Question asked by RafalKwiatkowski on Aug 24, 2010
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Sharing data between databases


I have 3 DBs:

- People Management.fp7

- Invoices.fp7

- Task Management.fp7

1. In People Management.fp7 i have a list of my freelancers. In Invoices.fp7 i have a list of my clients. When we go to Invoices tab we can choose a client from a drop down list (list contains clients predefined in Clients tab). I wish to get possibility to choose from a drop down menu one of my freelancer from People Management.fp7 when creating a project and assigning this freelancer to task in Task Management.fp7

The other possibility is to remove/delete whole contacts tab from Task Management.fp7 and when choosing personell and assigning the people to task in pop-up window i wish to see the people from People Management.fp7

2. When creating a invoice i wish to be able to choose from a drop down list (or pop-up window) the project (from Task Management.fp7) as a entry/record on the invoice products list.

3. I would like to be able to see in People Management.fp7 the list of the tasks/projects assigned (all not only open) to concreet vendor.

Is it possible or did i made a mistake creating 3 separate DBs?