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Sharing Database - Lost Images

Question asked by MattPaul on Jun 3, 2011
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Sharing Database - Lost Images


Hi, thanks to this amazing community I managed to solve a few problems I've experienced in my learning process of Filemaker. So, thank you!

About my question. I know it's been answered before but I am still confused by the answers I have found.
I have a database with a record for each artwork of my art gallery. I added images in each record's container field just linking them, rather than importing the image IN the database.

When I share the database via FileMaker network, the images don't show up on the other computer (host is a mac, the other user is win). Does it mean there is not a way to display images on the gues'ts computer? I would prefer to avoid copying images on the user's hard drive, I'd like the images to "stream" from the host to the guest. Is it possible?

Hope my question is clear enough. Thank you for your help!