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    Sharing Database - Lost Images



      Sharing Database - Lost Images


      Hi, thanks to this amazing community I managed to solve a few problems I've experienced in my learning process of Filemaker. So, thank you!

      About my question. I know it's been answered before but I am still confused by the answers I have found.
      I have a database with a record for each artwork of my art gallery. I added images in each record's container field just linking them, rather than importing the image IN the database.

      When I share the database via FileMaker network, the images don't show up on the other computer (host is a mac, the other user is win). Does it mean there is not a way to display images on the gues'ts computer? I would prefer to avoid copying images on the user's hard drive, I'd like the images to "stream" from the host to the guest. Is it possible?

      Hope my question is clear enough. Thank you for your help!


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          In order for each guest to see the images, they must be able to map/mount a volume with the same file path as that stored in the container field. Since Windows Filepaths can start with a drive letter and Macs start with a volume name, this can cause problems in mixed platform networks.

          If someone knows a better option, please chime in here.

          You can define a calculation field that will adjust the file path to suit the platform and then display the image.

          Let ( path = GetValue ( containerField ; 3 ) ;
                  If ( Abs ( Get ( SystemPlatform ) ) < 2 ;  "imageMac:/volumeName/" ; "imagewin:/driveletter:/" ) &
                  Right ( path ; Length ( path ) - Position ( path ; "/" ; 1 ; 2 ) ) )

          Select "Container" as the return type for this calculation field and it should display the same image on clients of either platform provided that they first mount the shared directory with a file path that is identical except for the drive letter/ volumne name.

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            Thank you PhilModJunk for taking the time to reply,

            Is this calculation meant to be placed in the same container field of the image (in the options of the container field)?
            Sorry if this is a stupid question :D


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              This would be a separate field of type calculation. You'd use the first field with insert picture to load the file reference, but would use this calculation field to display the imate on either platform.

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                Smile Oh I see!

                Ok, I've followed the instructions but I still don't see the image. Maybe I am doing something wrong in the calculation field.

                When I open the file from the wndows computer I get this message in the calculation field set as container: ImageMac:/VolumeName/Users/Matteo/Database/images/LO.jpg

                LO.jpg is the file and Matteo is my user name

                Isn't it strange that it doesn't even understand that the file is being opened on a windows machine?

                I forgot to say that I am simply opening the file from windows by doing File>Open Remote and loggin in as admin.

                So weird... 

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                  Since container fields for related paths don't hold much data, create two container fields one for mac and one for windows. Check for platform and choose the appropriate layout or use a tab object Mac | Windows. Troi's File plugin offers the path splitting ability...

                  The web viewer might also be another choice. Especially if you can save the pictures on an internet accessible host. Then you would enter into a normal text feild the HTTP://yadayada and the web viewer would do the work.

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                    Hi Jack,

                    Since I am a very basic user I think I will go with the HTTP:// solution, I still think there was something wrong with the configuration of the two computers on the same network (I mean, I've read about mounting volumes etc. and I have no idea what that means...!) so I've opened an internet accessible host.

                    One final thing, is there any way that I can make a button/script to upload the images straight to the host via ftp and getting automatically the link in the text field of the web viewer? This sounds like science fiction but you never know.


                    Thank you for you help, I really want to go deeper in understanding the solutions you have so kindly provided!!

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                      I have never tried a direct upload with Filemaker but someone more adept at using the Open URL or the commands to manipulate Apple Script or the other function might help with that Troi might have a plugin you can use.

                      If you haven't used the Web Viewer, you're in for a treat.