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Sharing Database OUTSIDE of LAN

Question asked by enyko on Aug 5, 2009
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Sharing Database OUTSIDE of LAN


Ok, I recently posted a question about remotely opening the same file within our LAN (office) Can't Open Shared Database via "Open Remote File"


We figured that out. But now we are wondering how to achieve this same functionality when we are not on our LAN. So, in the office, we will always have our database open on the main computer (host), and all other computers can open the file via open remote. We can make simultaneous edits to the file which is great.


Now, when I am at a client meeting and want to make edits to the file that is also open at the office, how can we achieve this? We have incorporated "Dropbox" to keep our database up to date on all computers but that does not make simultaneous edits. When someone at the office is editing the file at the same time one of our sales people are editing the same file it will create a "conflict" and create 2 files in Dropbox.


Is there a way to open remotely when not on the LAN? What are my options? We are using FMP 10 Advanced and would try to avoid going FMP Server route.