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    Sharing database over internet



      Sharing database over internet


      Please excuse me if this has been covered many times, but for some reason, the search on the forums is not working.

      We are moving to home working and I'd like a FM database that is used by a single user to be available to several people.

      I've looked through the various guides for FM, but still can't find a simple answer to what I need.

      Ideally, I'd like to have the database files sitting on a remote server (e.g. a server at my ISP or a VPS cloud server) and then people with appropriate version of FM on their own computers to be able to open the database and use as their database privileges allow.

      Is there a simple solution?

      I have FM Pro8 at the moment, but happy to upgrade if needs be.

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          Your database has to be hosted by filemaker or filemaker server.  It depends on number of connections you need.   filemaker allows sharing up to 9 users.  filemaker server 100 user.   Your isp will have to have filemaker server.  I understand there are a few isp that been listed on this formum that host filemaker databases but I don't know anything about them.  You can click on filemaker under products and then click on compare products to view more information on which product you might need.  You should be able to google "Filemaker Hosting" to find a isp that host filemaker databases.

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             Thanks for this

            As I feared.

            I may look into sharing from a home-based computer with static IP and running FM Pro.

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              There should be nothing to fear.  If you have a static IP address at home then it is even easier, but it can be made to work even with a dynamic IP.  Set up the home-based computer to have a fixed IP inside your network.  Set up your router's port-forwarding to forward TCP/IP traffic on port 5003 to that 'server' IP.

              Give your colleagues the IP address, and you're basically up and running.

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                 Many thanks

                I'll give it a go.