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Sharing Database Over Network

Question asked by ColinBayliss on May 25, 2012
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Sharing Database Over Network


Can anyone please, please, help with sharing across a network? I have built my first application and sharing for up to five users is ample.

I would like to store the file on a virtual network so the first user who accesses becomes the host, rather than specify one PC to become the host and have to open the application every day. The application is to be used from a single PC at a locatiion, across four locations.

I am not ready for web publishing as my tests have thrown all the carefully prepared icons and layout out. By using network sharing for 'beta testing' I can move towards web publisihing later, but am not ready for that now (security of data is important to the Client)

I also I dont want to have to have my PC as the host PC. The routers across the four sites do not seem to support setting up a VPN so I thought about cloud storage, but they seem to all work on a sync to your offline version rather than actually opening the application in the cloud. This means you end up with conflicting copies - why when you ahev all of Filemakers functionality available!

Has anyone found the best way to connect the PCs into a virtual network? 

Your thoughts really would be appreciated