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Sharing Database via CD

Question asked by skyhatter on Oct 11, 2010
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Sharing Database via CD


A partner has a valuable database which he would like me to look at and edit.  He sent me a disc that I could not open on Windows, which was not surprising since his company uses Macs.  I tried to open it on my personal Mac, which does not have FileMaker, and all that came up was an alias.  The file is called Photo Database copy.fp7 and is 59 KB.

This partner is does not know anything about FileMaker and is relying on me to tell him what to do.  I am not an expert either, though I understand it enough to use it.  My company is going to purchase FileMaker for Mac just to open this database.  I need to know if it will work.  If not, how does one transfer a database to another computer.  Can it be done with discs or data sticks?

Thank You