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    Sharing Databases



      Sharing Databases


      Hello, I am currently working on Filemaker Pro 8.5, off of a Mac.


      I am having a problem with sharing databases across our SAN server.  We are on a shared network, but when one person has the file open, the other is not allowed to access it.  I went to this page: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6095/kw/server%20file%20share and began to follow the instructions, but am unsure of how to go through with the last part.  My firewall is off, but then it gives instructions on how to set up a proxy through which those involved can both access the document through a remote connection.  "Mac OS: If you are unable to share files on a local network, verify on the host computer that either the Mac OS Sharing firewall has been turned off, or that you have added an open network port configuration for port 5003 to the system sharing preferences. For more information about the Mac OS Sharing firewall and adding a network port configuration, see Mac OS Help."


      I looked for more detailed instructions by looking for a Mac OS help section, and searching their help center for "network port configuration," but came up empty handed both times.  Can somebody please give me a step by step on how to do this (the network port configuration)? Or any other measures I can take so that more than one person can access the database at the same time?


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          I don't think a SAN will work as a host.  That's pretty much a dumb file server, right?


          The requirements for hosting FileMaker are to use the built-in sharing within FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server.  You should not attempt to access databases over file sharing.

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            Alright, new question:


            We have a separate server which we can host these database files on, which can definitely be used to share them.  So, say I transfer the file to this shared server. What are the exact steps I need to take in order to have more than one person access the database at once?

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              Turn off all services on the machine and leave them off (don't run other services on the server, FileMaker works best when it's not competing for resources.)  Install FileMaker Server and any updates.  Read the FileMaker Server manual so you know how to add databases and configure the host.  One of those settings is the maximum number of clients allowed. 

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                Thank you for your help.


                Are you saying that we need filemaker server  in order to share the databases? I thought I could share with one other person by just using filemaker pro.

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                  You can also install filemaker Pro on the server box and use it to open the files before attempting to connect to it from the client machines. It supports a much smaller number of clients (9 via filemaker clients) and doesn't have many other features found in server but it is much less expensive and will work for small numbers of users.