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Sharing DB

Question asked by lwood on May 25, 2010
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Sharing DB


Hello All,


I'm a newcomer to both FM & this forum, my problem is getting a DB to be shared among 4 users on a Mac LAN, I've followed the setup for sharing from my machine as host, when I try to open the DB ( located in my drop folder) from a client machine the Mac says it can't find application to open the file, so then connect to my HD &  open my version of FM, FM then throws up the registration screen with fields filled, asks me to activate, click on that, another screen pops up, asking me for a response code from customer service. If I click on activate later, get a blank window with OK button.

I thought I could share a DB across a network without each machine needing FM.

Using FM Pro v. 9, Mac Pro, OS 10.5.8.  Additional note-client machine is using OS 10.4, although didn't think it would matter. Sharing is set on both machines, firewall turned off.