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Sharing Filemakerpro Adv on a network

Question asked by Jonny.d on Oct 18, 2011
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Sharing Filemakerpro Adv on a network


I'm hosting a filemaker advanced file on my server. I am NOT running filemaker server, just filemaker advanced on a MAC Mini Server.   I have one coworker who never logs off.  This is preventing me from making changes to scripts while he is logged on.  I've talked to him about quitting fmp when he's not using it but that is not happening.

Is there any way I can set a time limit for a remote connection?  I know there is one if one was using IWP but I don't see that opportunity for filemaker network.

If there is no way of shutting him down other than me quitting FMP? or is there a script I could write that would shut only his version down without quitting the file that's running on my server?