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    Sharing files



      Sharing files


      I have convinced my manager we should use FileMaker Pro.  I have been using runtimes for things I wanted to do.  My co-worker has never used it, or Access.  So he is totally new.  I will convert my runtime databases back FMP12 files so we can share.  

      He gets in to the office earlier than me.  But I will probably open the files before him.  Can I script a launcher program, that we select a file, it will open it OR open via Remote Host if it is already open by the other person?  I want to minimize frustration on his part.  


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          Not the best approach.

          Best is to have it always open and hosted by either FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server from the same machine where the file is located. Your co-worker would always use Open Remote to access the file.