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    sharing files outside of network



      sharing files outside of network


           I would like to share a database with one or two persons outside a local network. I am considering a few options and would like some advice and feedback:


      •           Limited budget
      •           Both me and others work on Macs
      •           Instant Web Publishing no option due to loss of functionality and complex programming
      •           Filemaker Server (Advanced) not possible due to budget limitations

           In am now considering to buy a Mac Mini Server and with filemaker and have others log-in via remote desktop, by creating several profiles and share file via peer-to-peer. [although host needs to open file first?]

           Or does anyone have any other clever and budget-friendly solutions?

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               IWP is probably the most cost effective.  There is not much functionality loss and it not really any more complex than a regular filemaker layout to program.

               Remote Desktop is not used to share files / network computers.  Remote Desktop is used to access a computer such as your work computer from another computer such as your home computer.

               Mac Mini Server is not required to host a filemaker databases.  Your current computer may be able to handle hosting.

               The hosting computer (Server) will require filemaker or filemaker server.  This will depend on the number of users.  Each client connecting to the host database will need filemaker to connect from a computer  or filemaker go to connect from an iPad/iPod/IPhone.  You will need a high speed internet connection for user to connect to the server from outside the local network. 

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                 The biggest loss of functionality for me will be not able to make PDF's and good printable lay-outs.

                 Also I only work from a lap-top which I travel with. So I would still need a permanent server.

                 What about have the databasde hosted remotely? Any experience with that?