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Sharing FMP 13 Database between iPad Air and MacBook Pro (FM Go 13 and FMP 13) - NEED CLEAR...

Question asked by teebone on Dec 6, 2013
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Sharing FMP 13 Database between iPad Air and MacBook Pro (FM Go 13 and FMP 13) - NEED CLEAR PROCEDURE



     I know this has been covered but it is very sketchy from what I've been able to gather.

     Title is self explanatory I hope.  I need to know hopefully step by step how to go about this properly to avoid data loss or duplicate records.

     I am able to share the file between iPad Air and MBP 2010.  I see the file over the network with IP address assigned properly. 

     Just for testing I was able to add records at each end and see them on both devices right away (using MBP as the host and iPad Air as the client).


     1)   I want to keep the "golden" DB on the iPad if  possible since I plan on doing most or all editing there.  Is this advisable or should I swap the direction?  ALSO I want to avoid using iTunes as the transfer mechanism since this potentially can cause major confusion during DB updates if both "directions" are used for updates (iPad to iTunes or iTunes to iPad).


     2)   Where is the "Actual" modified shared  DB stored?  When I close the shared DB the file seems to "disappear".  From what I see the original DB needs to be updated to include the changes to the modified shared DB.  I have a problem here - when I update the original DB from the modified shared DB ALL of the records from the modified shared DB get added to the original one (BOTH modified records AND existing ones)   How do I only add the modified records from the shared DB to the original golden DB?


     Hope this is clear happy to provide more details.