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Sharing FMP Files and Server Thoughts Needed

Question asked by AmyKraunz on Sep 10, 2012
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Sharing FMP Files and Server Thoughts Needed


 Hi everyone. I just finished building a database for my child's school and need some help with the next step. For the moment I have a copy of FMP and the Office Mgr has a copy of FMP, BUT the school does not have a server. I can sortof do instant web publishing, but they are on a different router and even IF it was the same router, my computer would need to be on all the time for other people to access the file. The school is willing to buy more copies of the program, but we need a common place for people to open the file from. Is it possible to use Google Docs as a cloud type server? Any other ideas/options that I am not thinking of? Ideally it would be great to always have file open on one computer as then with 2 copies of license agreement 10 people can access via instant web publishing, but not sure how to do this. Thanks so much for any help!