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    sharing from a server



      sharing from a server



      Apologies if this has been posted before, but I couldn't find an answer to this anywhere. I'm trying to share a Filemaker Pro database with several different users to that we can enter information simultaneously, but I can't get it to work. Filemaker is currently hosted on a server, so the fact that we all have remote access to it seems to be causing a problem. I tried dragging it to my desktop and hosting it from there, but I couldn't get that to work either. I'm fairly new to this, so I could be doing something wrong. Anyone have any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Please exactly describe the steps you have taken to share your file.

          When you share it from a server, is FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server installed on that machine and is the file opened first on that machine?

          What settings for the file have you selected in File | Sharing | FileMaker Network... ?

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            I went to file/sharing/FileMaker network and turned network sharing on. Under the network access to file settings, I specified full access and data entry only. Then I hit ok and hoped it would work...

            I also made a copy of the database on my desktop and went through the same steps, to no avail.

            FileMaker Pro is installed on all of our computers, but since we have remote access I'm not sure where its opened first. I apologize, but I don't know that much about how servers work. We don't have FileMaker Server, and was told it won't work with the campus infrastructure.

            At my previous institution we were able to edit simultaniously be having it hosted on my boss's computer, and we would all open FileMaker remotely. I'm not sure how that would work here since everything has to happen through the server. I would probably have to establish a network for all of our computers first? I'm not sure how to do that though, and I don't even have the admin password for our computers.


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              Don't see why FileMaker Server wouldn't work with your campus infrastructure. I'd ask the IT department for a more complete explanation of that statement.

              FileMaker is designed to be shared by first opening it with either FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server on the machine where the file resides. This is called the host. Then, each person with FileMaker Pro installed on their computer selects Open Remote... to find and connect as to the hosted database.

              Putting the database file in a shared directory where any user can open the file directly, is dangerous to the file's integrity as the file can, under some circumstances, be corrupted if two or more users attempt to open the file at the same time.

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                So today I copied the database to my desktop, and was able to connect to it from another computer remotely. It seems to be working in that I can add new records from each station, but for some reason I can't see the records added by the other computer. For example, I added a record in the remotly connected computer that was record 146, and then I added one on the host computer and it skipped to 147. However, it wouldn't allow me to see record 146, and when I searched for it, it said there were no matching records. Is there a simple solution to this that I'm missing?


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                  Try using Show All records and scroll to the most recent records to see if either the record or a grey screen labeled "No access" comes up.

                  There are two reasons you couldn't find the record 

                  1. The file or an index in it is damaged.
                  2. Record level access controls have been set up in Manage | Security to keep you from seeing it--that's where "no access" might show up after a Show all records brings it up.