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    sharing information from two databases



      sharing information from two databases


      I have two databases. One is a contact database. The other is a event management database. How do I input information from the contact database and add it to the event management database?

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          "Database" can mean a table, a file or a group of files in FileMaker systems. From the context and the names, I can guess that these are two files and that they may be starter solutions. If so, these sample files were designed as stand alone systems, they were not specifically designed to share data--such as the contact info in the contact manager database file.

          They can be modified so that one table of contact info is used in both database systems, but the changes aren't trivial and require a pretty decent understanding of how FileMaker database systems are designed and work.

          If these are starter solutions, I believe there's a version of them available on line (may have to web search for them) that is set up to share common tables of data.