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Sharing on Windows problem...

Question asked by GeoffreyMartin on Jun 28, 2011
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Sharing on Windows problem...


Hello all,

I have had a filmaker DB up and running and able to share on the network for a couple of months.  Last week IT took away my machine and I had to move my files and DB to a new machine.  Everything is working fine locally.  I set sharing to [ON], and make sure the files that need to be shared are all accessible by all users.  This is the same settings I had before.  (The IT guys have no idea what to do with Filemaker).  I go to another machine to [Open Remote] and the remote host is not there.  We made sure that the folder (and all the DB files) on the host are sharable to everyone in Windows and everyone has full control so there's not a read-only issue. Both machines are on the same network and their addresses are XX:X:21:66 (host) and XX:X:21:67 (client).  Anyone have any ideas?