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sharing over TCP/IP, some files connect, others beachball

Question asked by redryderent on Nov 8, 2012
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sharing over TCP/IP, some files connect, others beachball


     We are running machines A & B, one a Mac Mini, the other an iMac, both running OSX 10.8.2 Mountain Lion, both running FileMaker Pro 11.0v4.  We have a number of databases which we use each day, and have used for years.  They all live on machine A.  Machine B accesses the files via Open Remote.  With no changes whatsoever to our system, either hardware or software, certain files open just fine on B, while others open, reveal the number of records, a blank layout otherwise, and then beachball to the point where a Force Quit is required.  Here is what we have done:

     • permissions repair via Disk Utility (minor issues, nothing major)

     • double-checked to be sure correct privileges were in place via Command-I

     • disk repair via Disk Utility (all clear)

     • Recover in FileMaker

     • toggled FileMaker Sharing off and then on

     • restarted both machines in Safe Mode

     • switched ports in our router

     Nothing has helped.  Now, if the offending files are placed ON Machine B (versus access via TCP/IP), they open just fine.  FileMaker tech support now wants to escalate the matter to a $45 fee-based issue, and have asked for copies of the offending files.  Based on the steps I have taken so far, however, this does not seem like a file structure issue.  Thoughts?  Thank you!