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    Sharing over the internet



      Sharing over the internet


      I have set up a new company and am using Filemake 10 on a Macintosh. My partners have Filemaker 9 on a Windows machine. I have done everything the help files say to do in order to share the database but the Windows machines can not get the databaase. I have the URL as but when Windows people try this on the internet, they get nothing. Please help me in getting this set up as it is extremely important for the business.

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           IP addresses are unique, there are some address domains that are private.

 to and to 192.168.255..255

          are private domains. MILLIONS of people use these numbers and are NEVER seen by the public. 

          If you are on the same network, meaning the same building or floor or room, then the IP address you are typing will work. You are connected through the SAME router.

          IF you are not in the same room or floor or building, you need an IP address that is UNIQUE. You pay for this.

          OR you tell your router to send requests about Filemaker to the you Filemaker Computer (www.portforward.com)