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    Sharing Problem -- FM can't find files



      Sharing Problem -- FM can't find files


      We purchased FM so that we could share our database, but we're having problems... please help. Thanks much.


      1.  The database is on a Novell LANS. 

      2.  The databases have SHARED turned on

      3.  The privilages allow for Managed Privilages

      4.  When we try to connect to the remote fmnet:/our address/filename.fp7 we get an error message: Either the Host is not available or the File is not available on the Host.

      5.   Our administrator said he's given everyone rights on Drive H, so he thought we should have to put in Drive H somewhere in the address. We've tried, but it doesn't seem to work


      We would appreciate any help we can get. Thank you so much for your help



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          Are you sharing from FMPro or FMServer?  (I'm making the assumption that you are sharing from another client...You HAVE to have the file open by a copy of FMPro or FMServer to share the files...not just sitting on a server...)

          Using the server/host address...yes?

           fmnet:/our address/filename.fp7

          When you use OPEN REMOTE, do you see the server on your network host in the list?

          Do you have Filemaker Network Sharing turned on on the host computer(assuming this is not a FMServer) at File-->Sharing-->Filemaker Network Sharing ?

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            Hi MWC,


            Thank you so much for answering!


            -- We're all using FMPro and trying to open the file as a REMOTE (I read in the forum
                 somewhere that even the host user should open as remote.... we've not been able to accomplish this.

            -- We are using the server location like the example you're showing fmnet:/our address/filename.fp7

            -- We do see the the network host in the list when we open via REMOTE. 

            -- When we OPEN REMOTE in the list for the server address we see DRP-514-8(

            -- We have FileMaker sharing turned on the Host Computer


            I've been looking online on other forums and saw that others were having the same problem, but no had a solution.


            Thanks much


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              Thank you for your post.


              No, the host does not open as remote.  The first person to open the file is the host.


              Once the file is open, pull down the File menu and select "Sharing -> FileMaker Network..."


              Turn on Sharing, and then highlight the database file in the bottom left and set Network access (on the left side) to All Users.


              Now, when other users select Open Remote..., they should see the file available.



              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                Hi TSGal,


                Thank you for answering.


                We tried that, but it didn't work.


                • We can log on OK if we log on as HOST
                • REMOTE USERs however, can't logon afterwards
                • The HOST makes sure that SHARING to ALL USERS is turned ON, but no files show up.  
                • When we type in the filenames we get an error message.
                  • Either the Host is not available or the File is not available on the Host
                • On the Novell network, we all have access to the Drive and files.
                • We thought we might have to somehow include the Drive, but using the format we can't figure out how to do that.


                Thank you



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                  I really needed answer so I started searching other forums to see if they might have an answer.  Found the answer and it's not what I wanted to hear.... waaah! The answer came from http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/201207/pid/317564/post/last/m/1/


                  Basically, FileMaker can't be shared on shared directory it can only be shared from a hosted directory. Which basically means we have to put the database on one person's computer and share.  I'm not against that, but our school says it's unable to do it for security reasons, so  we're out of luck... ugh!


                  thanks much to all who tried to help me with this problem... I really appreciate it.