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Sharing questions from a newbie

Question asked by paynetc on May 20, 2009
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Sharing questions from a newbie


I'm a noob to both databases generally and FileMaker specifically.  I know enough to know that I need a real database program for an upcoming project, and that's about it. A small workgroup (2-4 people) will start it, but if all goes well we'll have dozens of contributors editing records and perhaps hundreds of users viewing records.  For a very long time, however, it'll just be the small group of us.

So I've got a few questions for the experts (that's you!):
First, about web sharing... It looks like Instant Web Publishing with FileMaker 10 Pro works by creating a web server on the host computer.  Is the performance usable for every day work?  Does anyone have any experience using this feature in conjunction with a dynamic DNS provider to host a database from a cable-based broadband connection?

Second, it's relatively easy to take an existing FM database, slap it into FM Server, and automagically (or nearly so) share that database over the web with more people, right?  The marketing says it's so, but does it really work well in practice?