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    sharing records



      sharing records


      Hello everyone.

      I find this situation to me.
      I have a db with a list of contacts. the db is in an iMac at the office.
      This list consists of records added to those of my colleagues 2.
      I want to share files between the 3 of us and with the secretary who works at theoffice.

      my question is: How do I bring up
      in MAC1 - 1 user contacts
      MAC2 in - the user's contacts 2
      in the user's contacts mac3-3
      mac3 in the main - contact 1 +2 +3

      each record has a field that indetifica the reference with the user

      I hope I was clear, thanks

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          Dave Graham

          The file(s) should be stored on single computer, which opens the file as a host. Additional copies of FileMaker will connect to the host by selecting File > Open Remote and entering the network address of the host computer. You might need to update your router to allow for WAN traffic if the computers aren't on the same network. More info can be found in FileMaker Help under "Sharing Data". 

          Alternatively, you can host your database file(s) at a hosting provider that you all can access over an Internet connection. I'm partial to www.triple8.net but there are many other companies which provide cost-effective FileMaker hosting services. 

          - dg