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Sharing with another client on company server

Question asked by AliSheikh on Jan 27, 2014
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Sharing with another client on company server



         I have filemaker 13 pro adv. with a simple asset database. My friend in the other office also needs to use this database ( his pc has file maker 12 pro adv.). We have most of our work file on a company server called NTServer 10. We are wirelessly connected to that server which is in the headoffice in another city. Now I've placed the filemaker file in a folder on the server, and turned on sharing. But either of us are not able to access the file if it is open on one end. It just says file is open on another client.

         How best can I share with my co-worker this database file? The database also contains references to pictures which are also stored on NTServer 10. I read somewhere it is better to place the file on the host pc but if I do that would I need to move the pictures also to the host pc? And I imagine if I do that , would it make sharing photos even slower? Since I  believe the upload rate from pcs is crappy compared to NTserver.


     Please let me know how best to share.