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Sharing with remote users

Question asked by KenWelsby on Aug 8, 2010
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Sharing with remote users


Dear all

We're at the development stage of a new ship design and build project. I need to share project management and tech info with three partner organisations - project management consultants, architects/engineers and the shipyard. I'm in London, the consultants in Glasgow and the others in continental Europe. At this stage it is sharing / distributing info to prepare the detailed spec - not a project management programme.

For this stage of the work the PMs use Excel files which they pass round by email for other partners to write in, but this is very cumbersome - some items are 8-10 columns of text stretched across three pages.

So I've built a simple database in FM9 [my current version]. The fields are either text or pulldown pick lists for things like status, who is dealing etc. See screenshot attached - I told you it was simple. The other partners are happy to buy FM if it works for us - but how do we share it. Giving them access to our server is difficult. We don't need concurrent access and we don't really have the time, money or expertise to go the FM Server route for this phase.

Can I copy the file to the cloud [eg Amazon s3 or similar online storage], for a partner to download, update and then save back so that others can do the same? Or is there a better way?

Bear in mind I haven't done much development in FM - in a previous life I would tell my "FMaker wizard" what I wanted and he would go away and deliver it, days - or sometimes just hours - later. And my background is media and marketing, I'm NOT a techie.