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    Sharing/Hosting File Via USB



      Sharing/Hosting File Via USB


      I develop a database that's primarily used in FM Go, and I do a lot of testing using "Share With Filemaker Clients" via Wifi.  Problem is, I have connectivity issues via WiFi even if my computer and iPad are right next to each other.  Is there a way to "Share with Filemaker Clients" via USB?   Is there a better way to test my database solutions on the iPad as I'm developing them on the computer? Maybe I'm going about it all wrong and can make some other adjustments to my testing strategy?

      I've read these tips and tried to reduce the processor load on the host as much as I can, but I still get a lot of spinning wheels in FM Go.  http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6096/~/setting-up-a-computer-to-share-files-with-filemaker-pro


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          "Spinning Wheels" and "connectivity issues" aren't necessarily the same thing.

          How close the iOS device is to your computer does not determine the quaility of your WiFi connection. That is determined by how close the iOS device (and the commuter unless it is hardwired to the network) are to your Router's antenna. So theoretically, I could have my iPhone and Laptop literally touching each other and yet they could both be a half mile from my internet router's antenna and thus be totally inable to communicate. On the other hand, my laptop and iPhone might be in completely different rooms yet have excellent WiFi if they are both in sufficient range of the antenna.

          So if you have connectivity issues when using WiFi, you need to look at the strength and quality of your WiFi signal. I routinely use WiFi to double check my FM GO designs for layout and other interface issues and have no trouble doing so.

          "Spinning Wheel" delays in response could be due to a number of different issues and you'd need to describe your design and implementation in much more detail before others have much chance at suggesting possible solutions. (And these issues might very well be exactly the same no matter how good a connection to the host you have.)