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    Sharing: Can Host and Client swap?



      Sharing: Can Host and Client swap?


      I am having a little trouble getting sharing between two users to work: Alice & Bob.

      I have set up Alice with full privileges, and allowed sharing.
      Then I connected Bob (who has more limited access privileges) on a Local Area network, signing in to Alice's IPAddress (like this: fmnet:/hostIPAddress/fileName). Everything works fine when Alice has opened the database file first and Bob joins later.

      Here is the problem: When Bob is in the office first and opens the database, he now becomes the Host according to the FMP protocol.

      How can I set up sharing so that Alice can now join? Do I need to give Bob full privileges and set up sharing from his computer in the same way as I did with Alice?

      Thanks for your help!

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          Vincent Dean:

          Thank you for posting.

          It's possible to set this up on Bob's computer, but then he will also need to be able to open the file directly. This means he needs to copy the file to his computer or access it on a fileshare. If there is a copy of the database on each computer, it's possible for them to get out of sync. If the file is hosted on a remote fileshare, there can be performance or corruption issues.

          The ideal solution is to host the database from a computer that is always on and leave the file open. In larger offices this would be another dedicated "server" machine running FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server but it could be either Alice's or Bob's computer also.

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            Thanks for your detailed reply, TSuki.

            Unfortunately, a dedicated server is not an option. I will now try to set up Bob with full privileges and sharing set to "on" and see if Alice and Bob can swap host/client roles.