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Sharing: Can Host and Client swap?

Question asked by VincentDean on Sep 16, 2010
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Sharing: Can Host and Client swap?


I am having a little trouble getting sharing between two users to work: Alice & Bob.

I have set up Alice with full privileges, and allowed sharing.
Then I connected Bob (who has more limited access privileges) on a Local Area network, signing in to Alice's IPAddress (like this: fmnet:/hostIPAddress/fileName). Everything works fine when Alice has opened the database file first and Bob joins later.

Here is the problem: When Bob is in the office first and opens the database, he now becomes the Host according to the FMP protocol.

How can I set up sharing so that Alice can now join? Do I need to give Bob full privileges and set up sharing from his computer in the same way as I did with Alice?

Thanks for your help!