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Shopping cart - From FileMaker Pro Solution for iPad

Question asked by applelakshan1 on Apr 21, 2010
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Shopping cart - From FileMaker Pro Solution for iPad



i am planing to develop shopping cart Databse.


what i did so far :

I have serias of Product list.

i have createded (open Template from FMP10 and did some modificaions acording to excel file's Fields)  the Filemaker DB and import all the excel data in to the file.( this Application will be running on iPad and Mac)


My requrements :


 Customers can select, what they need from Form View just clicking on chek box or radio button set like two choces( yes or No)

**If customer need that unit they choose yes. if not they choose NO

After Customers select the Items (what they want from yes or No) , So we can put the button (go to your cart or something) on the Form View Layout. From this Button it Shoud direct customer to new layout called invoice. when the customers go tho invoice  Layout  they can see the list of what they choosed from the Form view with Priceses and Total .


How can i link thease ChekBox ( Selected items )and invoice layout together .


any suggestions would apriciate


Thanks in Advance ,.....