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    shopping cart [add to cart] none credit card



      shopping cart [add to cart] none credit card


      I am creating a cologne and perfume solution for that will allow my customers to press a place order button and the record they are on is filled in on another layout.  


      Cologne table which list all fragrances,Name, Price, item Number and Type.  

      Customer is on the cologne layout searches each record until they find what they are looking for then press place order button.  Once pressed the Name, Price and Item Number goes to a new record of the Invoice layout which is already filled in with the Name of fragrance, Price, Item Number and Type.

      Tried searching but did not see what I was looking for, does any have any ideals I could follow.

      Question #2

      Web Viewer

      I have a scroller using a webviewer that scrolls at the top but i noticed that when i update the scroller on the internet it's not updating the scroller.  I added a button that refreshes the scroller but it does not refresh the scroll to make the changes.  The code in my script i am using is: Set Web Viewer [URL:"My Web Address"]

      Is it possible to Refresh the web Viewer?



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          Seems like you may be unecessarily complicating your database structure here. Why have a table for each product? Most invoicing systems use this structure:


          Where the products table lists all products (and even services) offered for sale. The invoices starter solution comes with that structure as does this very simple demo solution created by Comment:  http://fmforums.com/forum/showpost.php?post/309136/

          With that table structure, you can search the Products table for the desired item to purchase and clicking a button on a layout of such products might use a script like this:

          #Script should be performed from layout based on Products
          Set Variable [$ProductID ; Value: Products::ProductID]
          #Get ID of current invoice
          Go To Layout [Invoices]
          Set Variable [$InvoiceID ; value: Invoices::InvoiceID ]
          Go To Layout [LineItems]
          New Record/Request
          Set Field [LineItems::InvoiceID ; $InvoiceID]
          Set Field [LineItems::ProductID ; $ProductID]
          Go To Layout [Invoices]

          Please use your layout, table and field names in place of mine. The lines in blue can be omitted, if you store the current InvoiceID in a global field or global variable before you take the user to a page where they can search for a product.


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            Sorry did not mean to implay a table for each item you are correct the table structure I have is 




            I dont have a LineItems table,


            I will go over the invoice starter solution.

            Can the web Viewer be updated or refreshed?

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              I don't know on that last question when asked from the perspective of Instant Web Publishing. I've just started creating my first IWP database project a few days ago myself.