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Short Term Relationship Issue

Question asked by Terri on Jul 5, 2011
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Short Term Relationship Issue


I know this is an issue of primary key, foreign key, but I am hoping I can find a short-term solution to my problem while we are in the process of redoing on invoicing. Here is the issue right now:

1. We have a main job - Job 1 (invoice number).

2. Sometimes we have to duplicate that job for another customer - Job 2 (invoice number).

3. Job 1 already has all the cost associated with it, and Job 2 is only a fraction of that. So I want the cost fields for Job 2 to be a calculation that looks up the cost of Job 1 and then computes the cost for Job 2. For example, job 2 is 25% of job 1.

How can I create a script or a calculation that says look up the cost of Job 1 (and perhaps this starts with a dialog box or a drop down box or find function or something like that), then my calculation takes that figure and performs a calculation to figure the cost of Job 2. Is this even possible?