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Should be easy but I need some help

Question asked by appt on Nov 3, 2013
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Should be easy but I need some help


     As shown, I have a list of students and their results (I have not included their names in the screenshot, they are to the left of the list). Each result is stored in a linked table for that particular exam.

     What I need is to be able to calculate the number of Not achieved, Achieved, Merit and Excellence for the whole class. I can do a student count (there are 22) based on the number of records but I am confused as to how to count all the records in a specific table that correspond to the letters N, A, M & E

     I tried a summary by creating a calculation field Achieved = "A" then the summary count of Achieved but that just returns one value per record which is not what I need.

     Seems like it should be easy but I'm like I say I am confused.