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Should I be using a Filter function here?

Question asked by firth5 on Jun 23, 2010
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Should I be using a Filter function here?


FIELD1 uses a checkbox value list.   Several lines of text might therefore be entered in the field.


I"m trying to create a calc field that will look at FIELD1, and scan the the field for "Example Phrase".  If the phrase is anwhere in the field, it gives me True result, otherwise it gives me a False result.


What function do I use to examine FIELD1?


I tried using the FILTER function, as in the following, but it only works if there is the only text in FIELD1 is "Example Phrase."  What did I do wrong, or is there a simpler function?


If (FIELD1 = Filter(FIELD1 ;"Example Phrase") ; "True" ; "False")