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    Should I do this or this?



      Should I do this or this?


            I posted in a previous post that I wanted to display data in the following format on a layout in order to track what a hospital clinic is doing for each patient. I want to display the following. There are 4 tables displayed on this spreadsheet type report. light blue=laboratory work, pink=biochemistry dark blue=visit outcomes and orange=treatment. Currently I only have a table for treatment and laboratory work.

           In my database I have a table called "main" which has all of the patient demographics. Laboratory and treatment are related to main in a 1:many relationship since 1 patient can have many laboratory outcomes and treatments. I was wondering how I could make a report to show these tables and arrange them by most recent date.

           I was also thinking that since laboratory and treatment tables aren't related directly if I could just put all of the fields from those tables into one giant table and use conditional formatting to know which fields to display. I tried this method and it worked; however, I dont know if it is a good idea for stability and all. Thank you i greatly need and answer to this