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should i duplicate records

Question asked by nolak37 on Sep 27, 2010
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should i duplicate records


Hi everyone,

I was wondering what the best solution for my scenario  would be, on a DB with 3 tables one for Patients, second is medical visit and third is diagnosis

relation is as follows:

Patients          MedicalVisit          Diagnosis

PT_ID              PT_ID

                       MV_ID                  MV_ID

There can be many visits per patient and many diagnosis per visit. everything is working just fine only that I discovered some patients have chronic diagnosis and swing by for a visit several times per month, in order to try and save time i have been asked to have those diagnosis that are chronic copied to every visit.

My idea was to add a field to the diagnosis table named chronic and have it displayed as a checkbox then create a script that finds these duplicates them and adds the current visit ID.

Not sure where to start or if thats even the best solution, any input would be appreciated.