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Should I upgrade to FM12?

Question asked by LeoB on Oct 4, 2013
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Should I upgrade to FM12?


     I haven't been on this forum for almost two years, but would like to get the advice of some of the wizards on here before I start this next project.

     About three years ago I started a project in which I needed to maintain a database for quite a bit of information, not a huge amount of records but with some (to me) complicated reports. I started with FM10 and then upgraded to FM11ProAdv when it came out. I finished that project and, to be honest, haven't touched FM since then.

     I'm starting a new project in which I will need to create a database to capture and manipulate the data. This time the reports function won't be nearly as complicated, but I'm looking at 2,000-3,000 records and I'll be needing to incorporate pdf and doc files in most of them in containers. Also, there is a possibility that I might need to incorporate it into a website for remote access and searching by users. There really will not be any calculations. This database will just contain information that will need to be sliced and diced many ways, but no calculations of numbers. Eventually I'll need to print out certain searches to incorporate into a hard copy report (yes, some companies still require them).

     While poking around in the forum and on the FM website, it appears that FM12 is using a somewhat different file format. My questions are:

  •           If I start the database in Fm11, would there be any problem converting it to FM12 if I upgrade later?
  •           Is there any real advantage to buying FM12 now and just starting the database in that? I can't see any reduction for upgrading so I would have to pay full freight for a new FM12?
  •           Would FM12 be a better bet for if I need to put the database online?

     Hope these questions aren't too annoying, but in searching the forum I couldn't find any postings that addressed these.