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Should I upgrade to FMP 11?

Question asked by LeoB on Sep 17, 2010
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Should I upgrade to FMP 11?


I've been gone from this forum since June, when I hauled off and worked on another project full-time and never opened FMP on my big PC for almost three months.  I'm back and trying to finish off the project I started earlier this year.

I have FMP10Adv running on a WinXP3 PC.  When FMP11 came out (only six weeks after I bought FMP10Adv so I was not eligible for a free upgrade) I recall seeing a lot of posts about problems with FMP11, and mostly with running it on a PC.  I do see now that there's a version 2 out for FMP11.

My database is going to be used in countries, primarily in Africa, to maintain records of an inspection and testing regime.  There are no calculations or inventories; it's all about documenting inspections and quality control activities and then tracking non-compliance until rectified.  Users will have only basic computer skills.

Every user will be running Windows (I have yet to see a Mac in Africa) and most will be operating off a laptop.  It's possible that some locations may run it networked, but the most common application I am working on is in Kiosk mode as they will use one laptop to maintain the database.

I am wondering if there's any particular advantage for me to upgrade to FMP11Adv?  As I mentioned, I don't envision any particularly complicated calculation scripts.  I'll have about 70-80 layouts for entering data and then running and printing reports.  They key thing is that there are two levels of access, user and manager, and only managers can approve activities or delete records.

I'd appreciate any comments.  If the extra $300 for the upgrade is worth it, I would do it.  But I'm funding this out of pocket right now, so $300 for a fancier interface might not be a good use of money.

Thanks for reading all of this.