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Should I use FM for this?

Question asked by njem on Jan 21, 2010
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Should I use FM for this?


I'd like some feedback on trying to transition a project to FM. I've built a db in access, because the company I did it for had it. I spend a lot of time wrestling with stupid little issues in access. This is for a non-profit and I think it would be cheaper in the long run (for me in donated time, for them in billed time) to move to FM. The project evolves as their program does and as they want more out of the db. It's not very complicated. A few tables, a couple of data entry forms and subforms, a couple of reports, a few more reports exported in spreadsheets. It is set up as a back end and front end. We might be able to limit it to five stations, and some often in it at the same time. Cost is a factor. I'm looking into the non-profit discount, which only applies to 5 licenses or more. If the discount is maybe 20% and I end up needing FM Pro Advanced, and 5 licenses I probably won't be able to sell them on the expense. If I can do it with Pro or Advanced (at retail) and use the web multi-user interface it would be much more reasonable.


Are we likely to be happy with a web interface or is it really slow or awkward? (This would just be in-house on the lan, running on our server.) Is there a canned app I can try the web interface on (I've downloaded the trial FM)


You can run what, 4 or 5 people accessing it by web? And one more theoretically accessing it directly in FM on the server? So 5 or 6 users total?


That's 5 or 6 at a time? It could be on lot's of stations but if a 6th or 7th try to get in it says it's busy? Can others be in a view only mode but not be able to make changes?


Will I likely need the Advanced?


I don't make dbs all the time but occasionally. A few years ago in an earlier FM and liked that a lot. I have also made them from scratch in C and Pascal so I know something about the basics of dbs. A few times in access when that's what the customer wanted.