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Show / hide irrelevant checkbox results.

Question asked by ConnieBroughton on May 28, 2014
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Show / hide irrelevant checkbox results.


     Hi, I am new at this and completely self taught, ( So I basically have no idea what I am doing {at all})

     I have a table of staff that we have hired in the past and present, each of these records has a radio button that says if they are or are not still with us. on a different layout showing who has attended certain meeting i have all the records showing as a single checklist box.  (So Employee A through to Z show in a list that is then checked if they attended) however where employees a, b, f, and g are no longer employed, i need to remove them from the list, but for historical purposes i cannot remove them from the original list. Can i do this? and more importantly...How?

     (also the two tables are not related, they just use the same field records?)

     Thank You for any help that I can get on this.

     (I have seen a lot of similar questions but these seem to remove the checklist field, not records from it)