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    Show alert/message when a specific record is opened



      Show alert/message when a specific record is opened


      My challenge.  

      I have a DB with passwords.  When one particular record is opened, lets call it ‘Record-X’, in the DB, the user needs to do a specific action before they log in to the Website the ‘Record-X’ is related to.  This action is unique to this specific ‘Record-X’.  If this specific action is not done (and it has been) it creates problems.  I want an alert as a note in ‘Record-X’ would not be seen or noticed.

      Solution I am looking for. 

      To have some kind of notification or pop-up appear to alert the user when opening ‘Record-X’ in the layout called ‘Passwords’.  This could be a notice within FMP or an Apple Script as we use this DB exclusively on Mac.  Or anything else that would help forgetful users to be cleverer. 

      I am a novice for your information, not very experienced in programming FMP 14.  The solution is probably simple, but I have not figured it after hours of trying.