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Question asked by lloyddd on Jun 11, 2010
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This database tracks events.  EVENTS in planning can be confirmed and unconfirmed and then confirmed again in a matter of minutes.  As a result I have set it so that an EVENT can be archived which sets field


EVENT::EVENT_ARCHIVE to "archive" 


The access for the privelage set is set so that



This allows me to remove an event and all of it's associates in an out of view with ease without having exporting the record to a duplicate database.


My problem is when I archive an EVENT the record shows <<NO ACCESS>>, as it should; however I don't want to see this.  I understand that running any find will get rid of all <<NO ACCESS>>  records; however, I want to preserve the found set and the sort order.


Is there a way to achieve this other than creating a dictionary and looping thorugh find requests?