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Show and Hide Fields

Question asked by ErichBrandt on Nov 17, 2013
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Show and Hide Fields




     Can you show and hide fields like you can with tab panels by assigning them an object name and using a script?


     I can do a work-around by imbedding my menu into tab panels so that depending upon a condition I can display different menu items. The issue with the workaround is that you cant edit the line attributes of the tab panel (hide it), I have to minimize the tab label size and add a box (header text) over the labels for each panel to hide the tab labels. I would rather only deal with the size of a field and not the size of a tab panel, and hiding the panel with a header box. 

     I know I can also accomplish this effect with several layouts, but that what I am trying to avoid.


     If anyone have any ideas that be great. Not critical as I have a messy work-around, but making a field an object and accessing the fields graphic properties via a script would be optimal.